I'm sorry but I have to disappoint those who thought to find a list of customers.

For many of my clients confidentiality it is one of the main requirements and as a professional I have to protect them in the best way. So it is out of respect for them I can not clearly name them.

Furthermore I don't find stylish make a simple list of names. The list, fortunately, it would be rather long and perhaps boring to read.

Sure, I could shorten the list quoting only main customers but this would mean making a customers ranking, something that definitely I don't want to do.

For me, all customers are important. Whether it be a multinational with thousands of employees or the simplest of professionals, all clients must be followed in the same manner and with the same commitment.

When a customer asks for my advice or a service is placing his trust in me and therefore I have to reciprocate by offering the best of myself and my abilities.